Regular Site Backups : How Are They Helpful?

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As far as tech commandments go, regular site backups, is a commandment that ranks high.

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If you read my previous posts about the Oyi-1 (the ₦500 smartphone), you’ll probably wonder where it disappeared to after viewing the homepage.

So I was manually editing the theme files using the theme editor, without backing up the theme data first as usual (which is a very bad idea). Thing is I made a mistake and was unable to recollect the original value of what I was editing and BOOM! My theme was broken.

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Initially, I was filled with fear and wondered what to do. I mean, how can a blog not yet 2 months old suffer such a fate. Luckily, I then remembered that I previously set up an end of the month, automatic, regular site backup plan using Updraft Plus. I was able to recover my site within few minutes and was up and running again.

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Though I lost the few posts I posted from December 1st, half bread is better than none and trust me, this bread is way more than half!



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