Apple Reveals Sleep Monitor

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Apple has revealed its first sleep monitor. Beddit, a sleep tracking device, is worth $150 and uses a 2mm mat placed under a mattress to track sleep.

Apple bought apps and sensor maker Beddit earlier this year.

The Beddit sensor is an ultra-thin film sensor that is placed on a mattress and is plugged into a regular low voltage USB power supply.

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The sensor measures it’s user’s presence in the bed (sleep rhythm) and movements (actigraphy) during the night. It also measures the movements of the heart (heart rate) and breathing (breathing rhythm and snoring). It then sends this data to a special app via bluetooth, where it is analysed as a sleep report shown.

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In Summary

Beddit is an app and device combination that learns about the user’s sleep patterns it has a sensor that slips under a mattress and measures measuring sleep time, heart rate, breathing, snoring, bedroom temperature and humidity. It learns user’s sleep patterns and can even tell people the best time for them to go to sleep and wake up.



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