Samsung Showcases Foldable Phone at CES 2019

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Samsung showcased its foldable phone to a limited audience at the CES 2019

CES is an annual event that hosts presentations of new products and exciting new technologies in the consumer electronics industry. It takes place in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

CES 2019 is taking place right now and though there aren’t many phone announcements coming from there, some companies still pull some surprises out of the sleeve.

Samsung showcased its foldable phone exclusively to customers behind closed doors. A company executive described the device as completely flat when unfolded.

Though the prototype of the foldable phone showcased by Samsung did have some structural issues with the folding process, the Samsung Executive promised that they will be fixed for production units.

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Samsung’s foldable phone will be equipped with the latest flexible display and battery technology. Only 1 million units are expected to be manufactured, which would mean very limited availability.



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