Samsung reveals foldable phone

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Earlier this week, Samsung finally revealed their first foldable phone thereby signalling the beginning of the “foldable phone era”

What is a foldable phone?

Samsung depicts, a foldable phone as a device with a cellular connection (hence the “phone” part) that looks like a tablet when it’s full opened and can close to look like your usual phone.

Samsung’s foldable phone

Samsung introduced this foldable phone to the public by releasing a short video and hoisting aloft a working prototype in the hand of an on-stage executive.

What is the phone called?

Samsung didn’t give the foldable phone a name, but rumors suggest that it’ll be called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F. The “F” could stand for “fold” or “flex” and the “X” might mean “extra” or “10”.

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The phone sports a new display called Infinity Flex Display, has a 4.5 inch display when close and opens into a 7.3 inch screen. It has a 21:9 aspect ratio, a resolution of 840×1960 and a screen density of 420 dpi on the cover display. While on the main display, it has a 4.2:3 aspect ratio, aresolution is 1536×2152, and a screen density of 420 dpi.

When open, the phone will automatically transfer the app or screen you’re looking at in the folded-up “closed” position to the “open” position.

The phone is based on the Android OS and will run on a redesigned version of Samsung’s custom software called One UI. Samsung is making the One UI beta available this month, but only for Android 9 Pie users. It’s a fair bet that the foldable phone will launch with Android Pie.

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What can we guess?

Samsung has not responded to a request for comment, so all we can do is wait. But we can be this phone won’t come cheap at all and we can also expect the use of Gorilla glass on this device. The device will be available next year.

Well I think the concept is very wonderful and when open it looks real great

but when closed…….



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