Face Unlock on Androids Not As Secure as iPhones’

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The face unlock feature is offered by many Android OEMs but it is not as secure as Apple’s.

Forbes recently conducted a test, where face-recognition systems of several smartphones were tested with a 3D printed head of the phone’s owner. The 3D printed head easily fooled devices like the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9, LG G7 ThinQ, and OnePlus 6.

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The only phone that resisted the efforts regardless of how many times it was tried, was the iPhone X. No matter how many times it was tried, the FaceID of the iPhone X refused to yield.

Apple’s FaceID performed as expected, given that Apple uses an array of sensors for Face ID whereas Android OEM devices solely rely on the front camera for face unlock.

All Android phones except the OnePlus 6, came with warnings regarding the less secure nature of the facial recognition feature and the choice of slower but more secure recognition.

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It is worth noting that the iris recognition on the Galaxy Note 8 and S9 couldn’t be fooled by the 3D printed face.

This test has proven that though Android devices offer a faster unlock experience than Apple’s, they are really not as secure.



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