Apple Watch Saves User’s Life

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Apple recently rolled out the ECG feature for Apple Watch 4 users. This app allows the watch to do an ECG (electrocardiography) scan.

Many users got a normal “sinus” heart rhythm, while one Apple Watch 4 user discovered unexpected results after an ECG scan.

The watch showed the user an Atrial Fibrillation which is an abnormal heart rhythm characterized by rapid and irregular beating of the heart.

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At first, he thought of it as a fluke; however, after multiple attempts, he got the same result. Fearing that the Apple watch might be damaged, he turned to his wife. Much to his surprise, the app showed “normal” results for his wife.

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Following the event, the Apple user headed to a Patient First clinic just to be on the safer side. Surprisingly, he bypassed the entire queue at the clinic, which had “a full parking lot.” The doctor looked at the Watch results said, “This probably saved you. I read about this last night and thought we would see an upswing this week. I didn’t expect it first thing this morning.”

fterward, he went over to a cardiologist who performed a real ECG scan. The physical ECG scan confirmed an A-fib heart issue, proving the previous Apple Watch data to be accurate.

This proves the ECG scan on the Apple Watch Series 4 works as showcased.



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