Youth Accidentally Kills Friend While Roleplaying PUBG

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PUBG is a  popular battle royale game that has taken the world by storm and a Kurdish youth lost his life while the game was being roleplayed.

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According to Fossbytes, the incident took place in the Erbil Province where a group of friends were picnicking near a resort.

They stayed at a house belonging to one of their relatives where they found a shotgun. Before leaving the home, they decided to roleplay PUBG with the shotgun that was loaded.

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One of the friends asked another to hold the gun like players do in PUBG and had someone else shoot a video of the same. Since they were unaware that the shotgun was loaded, one of the youths shot his friend accidentally while playing with the gun.

The victim was a 22-year-old male named Aso Azad Mohammed. After the incident, all five of his friends were detained by the police and questioned.

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Its quite obvious that the craze for this game is quite evident by the fact that players are tempted to roleplay the game in real life and an Islamic religious authority in the region ruled it as ‘Haram’ to play PUBG for more than a few minutes a day, or if it hinders one’s daily responsibility.



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