PUBG Mobile Latest Update To Add Zombies

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The upcoming, latest update for the popular battle royale, PUBG Mobile, might add zombies to the game.

The last update of PUBG Mobile received a lot of criticism for having a lot of lag and latency issues. To fix this the company is working on releasing the PUBG Mobile 0.10.5, which according to a report by PUBGgamers will launch this month.

The upcoming update will be released with fixes for lag and latency issues with someother new additions like a new FPP driving mode, new vehicles, new weapons and more. According to Indian Express, a new snow bike will be added to the game along with another vehicle called Tuksai (auto rickshaw). New weapons released, will include a G36C SMG, PP-19 Bizon SMG and Mk47 Mutant Assault Rifle.

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A new weapon attachment called the Laser Sight will also be introduced which will take up a slot on the lower rail. It will improve hip-fire accuracy which is perfect for shooting on the run.

The Vikendi snow map with this update will get new weathers, which include – Day, Moonlight and Snow, similar to the Day and Night in Erangel.

This latest update will also reportedly bring introduce Zombie feature announced by PUBG in this article. Word on the Zombie mode gameplay will include a squad of players that go up against several zombies at once zombies. These zombies will not be allowed to use any weapons in the game but they would rather depend on their huge numbers to overwhelm players.

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The update is this month. Did I also mention the alleged new death cam feature which will show how the player died through replay.

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