China Reveals World’s First Ever News Anchor

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Chinese Press Agency Xinhua has unveiled a virtual newsreader.

Xinhua, the state of Beijing’s news agency, has unveiled an AI anchor for news presentation.

The anchor which is majorly modelled on Zhang Zhao (a real reporter with the agency), wears a sharp suit and has slick hair, complete with a robotic voice.

Nice work eh?

Footages of human anchors were used as the base layers and then animated the facial features to make it a talking AI. Two anchors were created (one for English and the other for Chinese broadcast) in collaboration with a local search engine company Sogou.

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Though the technology has its limitations (it’s limited range of facial expressions and the clearly artificial voice), we can agree that improvements will be made in the future.

The development of the media industry does call for continous innovation and I say Bravo China, Bravo.



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